New funding round of PMI IMPACT coming soon


New funding round of PMI IMPACT coming soon

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PMI IMPACT’s new round of funding will focus on projects that reduce or prevent illegal trade, and counter its negative consequences for individuals, their families, and communities. The global initiative will soon open its third funding round of grants, calling on public, private, and non-governmental organizations to submit new proposals.

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With USD 48 million in grants already awarded since its launch back in 2016, PMI IMPACT is ready to support new projects and enable organizations to build innovative and sustainable solutions, fostering public-private partnerships and facilitating the debate around illegal trade at a global, regional, and national level.

It is more important than ever that we continue coming together and exchanging expertise, ideas, and best practices around the shared objective of tackling illegal trade,” says Alvise Giustiniani, Vice President of Illicit Trade Prevention at Philip Morris International (PMI).

Bringing innovation and technological advancement in the fight against contraband and counterfeited goods is essential, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. PMI IMPACT will be open also to evaluating projects aimed at limiting the threats of counterfeited and substandard vaccines, medicines, medical supplies, and personal protective equipment.


The IMPACT of previous funding rounds

The first funding round was launched in June 2016 and called for projects combating illegal trade and related crimes in the European Union. A total of 31 projects in 16 countries—including academic institutions, law-enforcement agencies, and private organizations—were awarded grants totaling USD 28 million. Covering a broad range of activities in the EU and neighboring countries, the selected projects presented innovative solutions and perspectives.

PMI IMPACT’s second funding round was launched in September 2017, and funded 29 projects, reaching a total of USD 20 million. The successful applicants from 22 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America, focused on initiatives that addressed converging forms of illegal trade and related crimes in a wider geographical scope. These projects represented a range of think tanks, research institutions, universities, and law-enforcement authorities.



Philip Morris International (PMI) launched the PMI IMPACT initiative to address multiple aspects of illegal trade—ranging from tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical products to wildlife trafficking.

PMI IMPACT’s mission statement acknowledges the importance of fostering an inclusive approach for public and private sectors and civil society to build innovative programs against illegal trade in its many forms.

Since 2016, PMI IMPACT has built up an ecosystem of grantees, developing innovative solutions to eradicate illegal activities affecting the economy and society. In total, PMI has committed USD 100 million to support public, private, and nongovernmental organizations in developing solutions to fight against illegal trade and its related crimes.