An inclusive approach to
achieve better and more
targeted results against
illegal trade.


PMI IMPACT is a global initiative to support projects dedicated to reducing or preventing illegal trade, and countering its negative consequences for individuals, their families, and communities.

Public organizations, law enforcement, private entities, and nongovernmental organizations from around the world are invited to submit their project proposals for funding. Projects can range from capacity building for law enforcement agencies, to awareness programs and on-the-ground activities, in line with the theme and focus areas of the funding round. Projects are selected through a transparent and defined evaluation process, led by a council of independent experts.


Illegal trade remains a persistent and complex global problem. According to the OECD, the volume of international trade in counterfeit and pirated products could amount to as much as USD 509 billion. This represents up to 3.3% of world trade*.


Its various forms - ranging from tobacco smuggling and the counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and electronics to trade in drugs, arms, and wildlife - are inevitably interlinked, as wrongdoers exploit the same large-scale trafficking routes and corrupt networks.

Often operated by organized criminal groups, illegal trade deprives governments and taxpayers of much needed revenues, takes business away from legitimate operators, and deceives consumers with products of doubtful quality. Beyond the economic impact, illegal trade undermines society’s welfare and security by fueling corruption and providing funding for other crimes, such as drug trafficking, human trafficking and even terrorism.


In too many places around the world, criminals have built their illicit empires on dirty money and laundered funds to infiltrate and corrupt government institutions. In this shadowy, illegal economy, traffickers and narcotics kingpins act as CEOs and venture capitalists while they build their empires of destruction, jeopardizing public health, emaciating communities’ human capital, eroding our collective security, and destabilizing fragile governments.

Source: OECD (2016) Illicit Trade: Converging Criminal Networks



Achieving sustainable results against illegal trade requires focus, coordinated actions, and resources.


It also requires an inclusive approach for governments, the private sector and civil society to work together to address the issue in its entirety - across a range of illegally traded goods and by tackling crimes often linked to illegal trade, including corruption that is both a driver and a consequence of illegal trade. Moreover, the speed with which illegal networks develop, adapt and expand in today’s global environment, calls for global actions and solutions.

In this context, PMI IMPACT creates a platform for a wide range of organizations and stakeholders to implement impactful projects against illegal trade, together building synergies and innovative solutions.

Beyond the grants provided to selected organizations as part of each funding round, the PMI IMPACT initiative is also participating in the broader debate around illegal trade by supporting a selected number of international events to enable conversation and awareness on these important global issues.


PMI has a strong interest in seeing the illegal tobacco trade eradicated. We invest significant resources to ensure strong controls in our supply chain, raise awareness on the consequences of illegal tobacco trade and enhance knowledge on the issue and possible solutions.


The illegal trade in tobacco products is one of the problem’s many faces. Despite significant efforts to date, it remains one of the most profitable and least risky forms of illegal trade, with an estimated 400 - 460 billion illicit cigarettes consumed annually.

PMI is also committed to work against the proliferation of illicit economies - fueled by illegal trade, illicit financial flows, corruption, tax avoidance and other illegal activities – which are depriving vulnerable countries of much needed resources, undermining a sustainable future. PMI IMPACT is part of this commitment and supplements our many, ongoing anti-illicit trade efforts.

Find out more here: www.stopillegal.com.